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Hi all!

I am going to make some pendants similar to these at the top:

I have a lot of different furs and feathers! All are either shed naturally or have been shed off scraps etc.

The purpose of these pendants are for a spiritual connection with the animal, but could be used for general wear.

Description: Each pendant contains amethyst chips, dried herbs and the fur or feathers of a particular animal totem. The vial top is glued, and threaded with suede thong.

Today I am selling:

Wolf pendants: £15 each or two for £25.
These contain real, shed wolf hair from a Wolf reserve in America. For £18 I can include shards of fossilized wolf teeth.

Leopard pendants: £20 each. This fur comes from an old coat, pre-ban and is legal to sell in the UK. Only a few for sale!!

Ocelot pendants: £15 each. This fur comes from an old coat, pre-ban and is legal to sell in the UK.

Geoffrey's cat and African wildcat pendants: £10 each

Other furs and feathers available for under £10: (prices vary depending on species) Coyote, Arctic fox (blue), Red fox, Silver-phase red fox, Gray fox, Rabbit, Beaver, Viscacha, Marmot, Weasel, Stoat, Ermine, Tanuki, Kangaroo, N.Z. Possum, Australian sheep, Mink, Whitetail deer, Muskrat, Goat, Stone martin, Rat, Mouse, Magpie, Jay, Red macaw, Amazon parrot, Jackdaw, Crow, Snake + More coming soon!
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